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"The Least of These: Adam and Eve"

When one became two on that senary day,

And a rib from Adam did god take away;

Doubling the population of the virgin earth -

A fledgling humanity was sudden-birthed.

Yet eternity’s garden was a naked aim

That the scheming serpent swift took away;

Plucked from the mind by his forkéd tongue:

Immortal paradise - how soon undone.

For in their envious hunger to be like Him,

Eve and Adam first practiced sin.

Then accruing a debt still yet unsettled,

Our god-fearing species more-loved the devil.

Cast from the sight of the maker’s eyes

And now rearing abhorrence from their labored cries,

They were expelled from his presence out into the void,

Leaving behind them their wholeness and forgetting their joy.

Had Eve not done what was to her forbade,

Adam wondered if he could have stayed.

Before an ophidian hiss did make her covet,

That garden was Adam’s first-belovéd.

So, defying his orders (what more could he lose?),

Adam challenged his god, which much-bemused

Yet indeed intrigued that deathless numen,

So he then-amused the restless human.

Clean-wiped became the Terran slate,

And Adam was given a life remade.

Yet only he, this time, was forged

In conformance with his new accords.

With no Eve-wrought temptations and no knowledge-tree,

Adam stopped to praise his deity.

But it was discovered in the silence that he met

That the quiet was the stillness of abandonment.

Adam’s wishes were realized, but he then realized his gaffe,

Which stemming from anger, had humanity halved:

Eve was not the sole spirit unmade at his request;

Even god was now hidden, as per Adam’s behest.

Now alone in the garden, which most frightfully needed

Caretaking - the leaves required raking, the soil demanded seeding -

Insufficient was he to maintain and upkeep;

Only his unyielding regrets could be reaped.

Soon, winter came, and amidst its snowy gales

Also stormed such isolation, which in comparison paled

To the torment of the forcéd-flee

From that consummate eternity.

When approaching the godhead, who Adam entreated,

He had lost the one thing he now wanted to keep, and

So, now freezing and starving in a garden laid bare,

He wished not for salvation, just that Eve could be there.

Does life go on when all is lost?
Can a wilting rose endure the frost?
Those days passed by and life did persist.
But, only to his heart and mind betwixt.

What is living, if lived alone?

A wordless book; unchisled stone.

Perchance it was the woman at his side

That made the earth, now dormant, come alive.

No perfect garden or unsuffering life
Could ever equate to such maddening strife.

Godforsaken loneliness soon lied within

And even Death, himself, abandoned him.

Living a dyadic life, but now alone,

From the highest point of Eden then was thrown

Adam’s own self to the flowered floor,

In search of the salvation he had found before.

There was no one with whom to share his words;
He became an empty shell in a voiceless world.

Then pleading once more for one fleeting second

Of the almighty’s time, which never ended,

He awoke with a start and

He was back in the garden.

God had heard the pleas

Of the least of these.

Looking across from the orchard where now was awakened,

Adam realized that he could prevent us from being forsaken.

He was reminded by his god, who was near as he lay,

That his people had nothing to fear on that day.

So Adam, full-knowing the cost of his inaction,

Watched Eve pick up the apple and fall to its seduction.

And when she approached him with the apple in hand,

He gave of himself what had made him a man.

In biting down upon that forbidden fruit,

Adam sealed his own fate, and he knew it.

But his faith in his god was a small price to pay -

He condemned his own soul for humanity’s sake.

For if the sacrificial offering that he made of himself -

Willingly turning his own heaven into continual hell -

Could save us all when the heavens set foot on the earth,

Then the cost of his damnation, every torture was worth.

They were banished once more, yet Adam’s heart was at home;

He had found what he needed, as Eve and he roamed.

Happily, would he suffer for the rest of his life,

Just so long as he has Eve back - his lover, his wife.

There was always a plan by he who made us first

When crafting humanity up from the dirt.
With careful thought, and tactful mind
God created perfection through womenkind.

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