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"A Song Amidst the Sunrise"

That morning, out of nil, was sudden-spoke

A sweetened, daring song of sunlit notes.

And from my quiet dreams was I awoke,

For on that listless breeze, its carried tune

Did reach me in my sleepy solitude.

What courage it must take to silence-break

The sky which scarce itself had dared to slake

Its dewey thirst upon the maiden earth

Or take its first and newborn breaths just birthed

From heaven, fearing its immortal bosom dearthed.

The clouds are kissed with a steady tongue

That replaces moonlit shade with shining sun;

Worse ways have lonely days of mine begun.

It continued with its warbled cheep

That robbed me of my morning's keep,

And through its waking, waking me;

The little herald searched for company.

Who was I to thus deny this small request?

So, in my rushed reply, I quickly dressed,

And joined my wing├ęd-neighbor in its quest.