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Published on February 4, 2019

"Heaven on Earth"

I came upon a sight, one day

That took my very breath away.

I stopped along that wooded crest

To find a moment’s rest.

And what should I see, when looking down

But a sea of flowers growing round

In a pattern Mother Nature must have made.

Was it done to greet me on my way?

Rippling windward were the poppies faced abreast.

They danced amidst the gales, then running west.

I paused to see them praise the morning breeze,

Bowing their sprightly heads beneath the trees.

I have debated for some while what to say

About the wind that wept and made the poppies sway.

That vibrant vale summoned me at its behest;

I think I liked the orange ones the best.

But do I dare disturb Her muted fervor?

Do my inelegant words disgrace Her further?

For even if I use my words to name

The splendor my mortal eyes did see untamed,

There is no human way to thus confess:

The very valley of those blossoms, heaven-blessed.

Filled with hues of vivid colors, like a flood

Of incandescent beauty from above.

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