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Published on May 8, 2019


And so, the fated night has come -

The stars shine bright, and the moon is young.

See how the planets now align,

All of them, but yours and mine.

Eclipsed by the hidden sun,

The stars are snuffed out one by one.

My love, a beacon, still seeking yours

Throughout the farthest welkins unexplored.

Vast, black oceans and their cosmic shores

Left untrodden by our Terran feet.

Two worlds collide, both incomplete,

Lost to the endless galaxy.

Charting out the darkness as I roam,

Half a million lightyears from my home.

I burn upon re-entry to the night,

My heart ablaze with the embers of twilight.

Still, a million lightyears left unflown,

Orbiting the infinite unknown.

The comets sing their celestial song

As my stellar spacecraft soldiers on,

Searching, searching for the virgin dawn.

Up there where my weary spirit’s free,

Untethered from your waning gravity.

When you look upon the heavens, do you still see me?

Searching, searching, for where I belong.

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