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"For My Sunflower, the Sunshine of My Life"

The shattered pieces of myself - once scattered -

Find their home in these gilded fields.

And now growing all around, sunflowers

Shine, gallant drops in an endless sea,

Infinitely deep, and as countless as the bumblebees

That congregate and pollinate here.

This seeded sward, no storm can sour,

Temporally sealed in a masterpiece.

For, amidst the budding harmony of fauna and flora,

My present humanity no difference makes.

They spend their buzzing, golden hours

Holding me in their melodic company.

Yet, I am surely interloping;

Hoping against hope, and yet still hoping

That under the shade, in this timbered-bower,

My home, this tranquil place might be.

Upon hearing the droning of my prayers,

On my back, four wings appeared.

So, then were gathered there the bees and flowers,

And suddenly, peace and only peace.

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