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"Sea Glass"

I am a bottle, abandoned on a patio-railing

And forgotten after a long night of reverie.

I am now and gradually filled up

With the warm autumn rain that steady-falls

Into my fathomless depths.

I fear I may drown in this place.

Is it despondence that makes rain desperately

Plummet with abandon into the forlorn sea?

Or is it simply fated to fall headlong

Into the ocean of our tired laughter?

I cannot remember what clear skies look like anymore;

The sun is but a distant, fading glimmer

Snuffed out by your stagnant indifference.

I daren’t venture out into

Those once-familiar waters

Upon which teardrops tumble,

Ceaseless and seeking something

Else - something I can no longer offer.

Oh, wash away my memory of elder-storms;

I wish only to recollect the days where sunshine

Overpowered my mistakes.

And so, as I begin to overflow

With an outpouring of emotion that has

No other place to go,

The love that we once found

Is now spilled upon the ground

And trampled on by foreign feet

Which serve as blinding beams -

Restless promises of brave new worlds -

That pierced our storm-cloud love

With the light of other lovers.

You were pulled out to sea;

Your love was pulled away from me.

I am broken; I am shattered and discarded.

But when the gales settle and the skies -

Like sapphires - shine once more,

I will be sea glass,

Beautifully repurposed

By the endless grinding of the same waves

That first eroded our romance.

And your heart of stone

Will be nothing more than sand -

Nondescript and featureless -

Not meaning anything at all

To anyone.

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